Brien Edwards - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Brien was a late bloomer into the world of music, only picking up the guitar for the first time in the 6th Form when Oasis burst onto the music scene. Inspired by The StoneRoses' John Squire, school friend Daniel Jones showed him the basic chords and since then he's guitar technique has been self-taught.
He soon started writing his own songs and headed out onto the open-mic circuit in Essex and London. Encouraged by the acclaim from fellow performers and audience he built a strong reputation as a singer songwriter and a solo artist. However, that was soon about to change as following an impressive vocal performance at an open mic in Brentwood he was asked to audition for Brentwood based band "Square Mile" who played a mix of original songs and classic mod covers. This was Brien's first venture into fronting a band and there was no looking back! When "Square Mile" wanted to focus entirely on being a covers band, Brien decided to move on to find an originals band to continue developing his creativity and songwriting skills. As if by fate, in late 2008 Brien is approached by Paul High to join and front "The Lunar Pilots". Thoroughly impressed with their early demos Brien jumped at the opportunity and the rest as they say is history! Paul and Brien struck up an immediate musical bond sharing influences like Radiohead, Pink Floyd and The Stone Roses, which has developed into a strong songwriting partnership and the backbone to The Lunar sound.

Paul High - Keyboards, BVs

Paul began his musical path when he took piano lessons from the age of 5. He wrote a couple of songs in his late teens, however, didn’t make his first stand in the music business until he was asked to join covers band “The Loonie Balloonies” in 1999. After 8 or so years enjoying playing other people’s songs he decided to get back to writing his own and soon realised it was something that he was destined to do. The founder member of The Lunar Pilots, keyboard player Paul auditioned many hopefuls to join his band but it wasn’t until his gifted musician brother Keith joined the band that things started to happen. With a solid backbone and strong songs the front man Brien was soon found. A number of guitarists and drummers worked with the band until David and Conor were found to perfect the line-up. Paul has written many of the songs and has a strong songwriting partnership with front man Brien. With an exceptionally talented band all writing the music to boot, Paul’s initial vision is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Keith High - Keyboard Bass, Keys, BVs

Keith's musical talent was inborn. He started piano lessons at 4 years of age after he showed an interest in a piano which was given to the family. 
By the age of 7 he had passed grade 3 on piano and learnt Scott Joplin and Buddy Holly songs for entertainment. He performed these at various events such as holiday competitions and local pantomimes. At the age of 10 Keith was given his first home keyboard and started composing songs influenced by Duran Duran and early Level 42, enjoying funk style bass lines which he used in early compositions. Through secondary school years Keith took GCSE, A level music and reached Grade 5 in piano and trombone. He played trombone for a year in a Trad Jazz band run by the music head teacher and performed at a number of local schools and events. He also taught himself drums and formed his first Rock Funk band called Thyme with a friend from school after auditioning 2 guitarists. Keith's brother Paul fronted the band as lead singer for a while.   Keith showed a great interest in Jazz Funk Fusion having been introduced to a number of legendary artists such as Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis by his musician friends and Jazz DJs in the area. Influenced at the time by Jamiroqui and Brand New Heavies, Keith formed and composed music for a Jazz Funk band called Obie One. In this band Keith played a Fender Rhodes electric piano and demonstrated his skills at improvising freestyle Jazz solos.  Following this Keith formed a Funk/Soul band called Horn with song writer Jonna Beacon and musician friends.  Horn had sound had elements of Jazz/funk mixed with influences of David Bowie. A few years later Keith joined Ska/Rocksteady band Goldmaster Allstars from Southend. During the 3 years with Goldmaster Allstars Keith headlined some great clubs including Jazz Cafe and World's End in Camden and played with Jamaican reggae legend Alton Ellis in Paris. Keith spent a year composing a solo album of instrumental piano jazz fusion and used Cakewalk software to perform and produce it. He then formed a funk/soul band combining his music with lyricist and soul singer Jamie Williams.  It was at this time that Keith was approached by his brother Paul who had written some pop/rock songs and wanted him to join his band The Lunar Pilots. Impressed by the material Keith went away and wrote bass lines on keyboard to the tracks and worked together with his brother in auditioning other members to the band.

David Elsworth - Lead Guitar
Classically trained in guitar from the age of 5, David’s progression at primary school far surpassed his fellow students, with parental support private lessons were made available. By the age of 9 David continued classical grade exams with the Trinity College of Music Cambridge whilst also having lessons in electric guitar, drawing from his parents musical influences in Dire Straights, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton. David started to perform from the age of 8 in various school plays and fetes. On joining secondary school David was asked to join the schools jazz band which mainly consisted of teachers resulting in playing up and down the UK and across Europe. By the age of 14 David was asked to play for bigger and more formal occasions put on by heads of school in conjunction with various council directors and Lord Mayors of various boroughs. By the time he left they presented him with an Honours Award for achievements and dedication to music (pictures remain in the schools trophy cabinet today). At age 16 David furthered his studies at music college and gained an Advanced National Diploma in contempory and popular music. During his time there David was approached to do session work. From this David was contacted by a record label and was signed at 19, he continued to work up for them until age 21. Wanting to get back to live performance he worked in various bands, where he has played formally and informally at functions, weddings, festivals, pubs clubs etc. David as well as having Grade 8 in classical guitar studies with the Trinity College of Music Cambridge continued his education in teaching, gaining his PTTLS and becoming a member of the RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors). In March 2010 David replied to an advertisement put out by a band in search of a lead gutarist.. That band were called The Lunar Pilots ....the rest is history in the making....

....years down the line, at age 35 David has taken the musical world by storm, has been on the number 1 spot in Forbes magazine as the richest man alive for the last 5 years, the name music no longer exists and has been replaced with his name and he has been awarded the noble peace prize for uniting nations with his philosophy for life through music.
Conor Bailey - Drums
Conor first picked up the sticks at the age of 14 messing around on the school drum set. He caught the "drumming bug" instantly and couldn't resist playing on everything from his practise pad to the lounge sofa. He eventually persuaded his parents to get him a full 5 piece drum set and also began taking lessons at his local music academy. It wasn't long before he found himself playing along to albums by Avenged Sevenfold, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters.

Conor eventually got bored of studying grades which led to him quitting the music academy and contacting well renowned UK drummer Pete Riley for private tuition for which he would continue to study with for three years. Pete introduced Conor to many different drumming styles / techniques such as jazz, latin, reggae and funk.

Conor played with several bands prior to join The Lunar Pilots which allowed him to gain valuable live playing and recording experience. Using the knowledge picked up in various recording studios, Conor set up his own mini studio where he records and produces online video drum covers, solos and lessons. One of his drum solo videos was viewed by Roland UK in 2011. As a result of this, Conor has reached the Roland V Drum UK Championship final, where 7 of the best UK V Drummers compete, for 2 years in a row.

Main influences: Steve Smith, Vinnie Colaiuta, Pete Riley, Mark Guiliana, Dave DiCenso