Brien Edwards : Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Paul High : Keys/BV's
David Elsworth : Lead Guitar
Keith High : Bass/Keys/BV's
Conor Bailey : Drums

The Lunar Pilots are an alternative Rock-Pop band from Essex. With influences stemming from the 70s and 80s through to today's best music, the band have defined their own original sound and style. The new album 'Point of No Return' is getting rave reviews with comparisons to a whole host of great artists such as The Killers, The Who, Ash, U2 and many more. No-nonsense well written songs with a rock edge & pop melodies that surge with vibrancy and dynamism, The Pilots are described by their Producer and Grammy winner Steve Orchard as 'New Retro'. The Lunar Pilots are surging to become the new pioneers of the Rock-Pop world.